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The purpose that drives us

We understand how frustrating it is when your website does not perform at its maximum and its potential remains untapped. And we know that it is even worse when the original designer leaves you helpless, without knowing how to update or maintain the website, which results in its slow deterioration. We are on the same page, we have been through it.

We understand how disturbing it is in the fast-paced technological world, where everything moves at 1000 mph, that the simple task of uploading a blog article can take weeks, or even months! This is unacceptable today.

DBTA emerged precisely to solve that problem. Our focus lies on daily web maintenance, and under that premise, we offer customer service that is the fundamental pillar of our success. We are next to you, we respond to WhatsApp messages with the same agility with which we would interact with friends .

Additionally, we invest time in guiding companies on how digital transformation does not have to be expensive. The solution is to redesign your website on a secure and professional platform like Webflow and leave behind "legacy platforms" like Wordpress.

Enterprise clients
and non-profit
Countries: Spain, Italy,
United States and Mexico
(And growing!)

The essence behind DBTA

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Javier Martínez
Founder & CEO
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Samuel Degennaro
Web Design
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Stanley Miller
Al Specialist
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Elaine Pratt
Marketing Specialist
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Asha Bauri
Data Specialist
a man with a bald head wearing a gray shirt
Simon Tétény
AI Specialist
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Wilton Coronado
AI Specialist
a woman with blonde hair smiling for a picture
Barbara Garrett
Marketing Specialist
a close up of a person wearing a gray shirt
Joseph Barry
Marketing Specialist
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Artem Balabanov
Web Design
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Cameron Meraz
Marketing Specialist
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Lisa Bruner
Marketing Specialist
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Giovanna Carrasquill
Web design
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John Doe
Web Design

“ The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little extra” –Jimmy Johnson

We carry this philosophy in our hearts, impregnating it in each of our designs in Webflow, in each interaction, in each meeting. Our unlimited designs and meticulous attention set us apart.

Web design without borders

We are an agency based in Florida, United States. We operate in countries such as Spain, Italy, Mexico and the United States, among others.Without geographical limits, technology allows us to work from any corner of the world with internet access.

Distance is no longer an impediment, it is a bridge to innovation and excellence.

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